Graphic designers, images worth more than a thousand words

March 05, 2022

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Imagen de la PáginaGraphic designers are one of the professionals in charge of satisfying the visual communication needs of the market. In a practical definition, a graphic designer is the one who articulates all the elements, including technological, descriptive, volume, shape and color, in order to cause a psychological effect on a defined audience. Their training contemplates the use of different techniques that appeal to different types of viewers.

Graphic designers create visual concepts to communicate ideas that inspire, inform and invite customers to take some action, for this, they use methods of persuasion whose influence when observed generates a change of thought or behavior, this is achieved using a combination of computer programs and artistic concepts to develop and present ideas that stimulate consumers and provide a visual / brand message for a company to promote and / or sell a product or service. In this same way it can be used in teaching, in administration, as an informational resource.

These professionals work in coordination with other professionals such as copywriters and marketing strategists to generate different graphic assets that represent the brand identity, including brand manuals, visual identities, and branding. They also generate other assets for products, such as photographs, illustrations, graphic pieces for newspapers, magazines, books, web pages, book illustrations, etc. Their participation is also crucial in the design of advertisements, annual reports, brochures, billboards, and marketing materials.

Although all designers have something in common, their job responsibilities, work environment and skills can vary greatly, which is why in the exercise of their profession they must have a wide range of skills and the ability to tackle many types of projects.

A designer can practice their profession in multiple fields; they can work for companies, advertising agencies, publishers, printers or as freelancers working with various clients; when working in corporate or agency environments, they often work closely with people involved in communications, marketing, advertising and public relations. These individuals develop strong interpersonal skills, as they spend a great deal of time communicating and understanding their clients' needs, and coordinating with members of their design team. Graphic designers need to develop analytical, communication, computer and project management skills to perform their work in a comprehensive manner.

Currently, this profession has gained great relevance, especially in digital environments, taking into account that users have a lot of information and in different formats, so if companies and brands want to differentiate themselves, they must offer more than quality content. The market is full of options and information, and many competitors are trying to arouse people's interest through their content, which is why it is essential to use visual stimuli that capture the public's attention.

Graphic resources are essential for users to be interested in our content and to consume it in a fast and enjoyable way. A good graphic design used in our content can improve the engagement of our audience, making them more attractive and inviting interaction and/or action.

At NS Growth Solution, we are convinced that a perfect mix between content and visual communication can take your brand/company to another level. We understand our clients' needs, and we take the creation of sustainable relationships with their audiences very seriously.

Contact us at (929) 282-7753, and we'll tell you how to get your audience to see what you have to offer.

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