What is a marketing and communications agency?
A marketing and communications agency is a company in charge of designing positioning strategies in the traditional and digital environment that are aligned with the value proposition of its clients and the needs of their market segments. These strategies seek to highlight the attributes of products and services in order to generate higher sales.
What is the difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing?
Traditional marketing uses as its name says "traditional channels" such as direct sales, press, television, radio, events, among others; this type of marketing has a main focus: to increase sales.
Digital marketing uses digital platforms such as search engines, social networks, mailing, websites, among others to create a direct communication with market segments, this type of marketing focuses on the user of the product or service, to know them and know their interests and needs.
Should I choose between digital marketing and traditional marketing?
You don't have to choose. While each has a different scope and approach, both act as a complement to your strategy. Both co-create solutions tailored to your type of business and your potential customer.
Why is it strategic to hire a marketing agency for your business?
In order for us as a company to achieve our goal of generating sales, it is necessary to devise strategies that allow us to position ourselves in the consumer's mind. Although we can do it internally with professionals from our organization, the cost of this will be very high, since you will need to hire a whole team; on the other hand, an agency can provide you not only with its expertise, but also with a team of professionals from different areas that will be focused on meeting your expectations.
What is the process to hire the services of NSG Growth Solutions?
Step 1: Our process starts by getting to know each other and defining the objectives we want to achieve, taking into account the needs of your brand and your purpose as a company.
Step 2: Then we start internally an analysis of the current situation of your company, where we monitor the marketing strategies that have been implemented in both traditional and digital channels, we collect general information about your industry, your target audience and your current market positioning.
Step 3: We define a roadmap, in which we outline the strategy and steps to follow according to the analysis performed. This strategy includes the channels and tools to be used in order to achieve the objective defined in the first step.
Step 4: Let's get down to work. We start the implementation of the strategy, follow the steps of the roadmap and define specific activities that will lead us to fulfill the action plan. During this step, we can make adjustments according to what happens during implementation. Here, constant communication is crucial to obtain the best results.
Step 5: Finally, we review monthly metrics and evaluate the results, make adjustments as necessary and take other actions that arise from the process.
What kind of goals can I achieve with NSG Growth Solutions?
Although it depends a lot on the industry, the moment your company is in and the brand purpose, some objectives we can achieve together are:
  • Position your brand among your niche market.
  • Increase your market share.
  • Launch a new product/service.
  • Improve your ROI metrics.
  • Open new local and international markets.
  • Optimize your conversions.
  • Capture new customers and retain existing ones.
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